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Welcome to Backyard Soaps and More®

Where Fun Never Smelled So Good!

Our company's mission is to offer a line of handmade, pampering products that will instantly put a smile on your face and take away the stress of everyday life. We specialize in the development of the highest quality 100% vegetable glycerin soap, body butters, sugar scrubs and unique candles that are designed to bring fun, beauty and spirit back into our everyday lives. All of our products are hand made right here in the USA. Our motto is "fun never smelled so good" and our goal is that you've never felt so good! We also offer wholesale soaps for retailers.

For the ultimate in aroma therapy, Backyard Soaps and More has created a wonderful selection of unique candles to create a relaxing ambiance in your home. These come in so many different styles and fragrances that choosing a favorite is difficult. From calming vanilla to reviving citrus tones, unique candles, such as our designer votives or pillar candles, can create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. We also offer a variety of unique candle fragrances in jars or other decorative containers to match any décor. The warmth of a flickering flame makes any area seem more peaceful. Buy candles online for all your special occasions.

After setting the mood with one of our unique candles, a great way to begin a relaxing evening is by using one of our custom sugar scrubs. Our sugar scrubs, which come in a variety of amazing fragrances, such as cucumber mint, rosemary basil, and fresh rain, will remove dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation. After using our special sugar scrubs containing a combination of sugar, glycerin, shea oil, almond oil, and vitamin E, the skin will feel silky and revitalized. As the sugar scrubs exfoliate, they leave the body ready to receive moisture.

buy soap online

Our glycerin soap is the perfect product to wash away the sugar scrub. We form the bars of our glycerin soap by mixing our special formula and pouring it into molds. After it has cooled, we cut the glycerin soap into individual units, and store them for drying. This long-lasting soap lathers well, soothes the skin, and removes debris without irritation. We are extremely proud that our glycerin soap is so beautiful and makes a wonderfully decorative addition to any bath. Our glycerin soap will not only renew the moisture in the skin, its aroma will revive the spirit. We also offer gift baskets online filled with soaps, candles and body care products.

One of the newer products at Backyard Soaps and More is our luxurious body butter. When our Goat's Milk and Honey body butter is applied to damp skin, it holds the moisture next to the skin to eliminate dryness. All of our body butters provide an intensive moisture treatment which works well for extra-dry, chapped skin, but our body butter is also soothing for other skin types. Although our fruit scented body butter is very popular, we offer floral and herbal scents as well.

After an evening immersed in the wonderful bath and body products available at Backyard Soaps and More, surrounded by the fragrance of one of our unique candles, even the most stressed individual will find a more harmonious state of mind.

All of our wholesale soaps, body washes and other luxury handmade products are made with love and care in the USA.

Visit our "backyard" and enjoy simple luxuries that will turn a bad day into a great day!